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Length 70Km

The Lemosho route is widely considered to be the best route on Mount Kilimanjaro, the route begins in the western side of the Mt Kilimanjaro and descends down the northern side of the Mountain. Lemosho route is relatively new route and is preferred by some due to its remoteness,  scenery, acclimatization and summit  success rate . The lemosho route meets the Machame route on the 3rd day.

Mega Adventures recommends the trail  for those willing to avoid much traffic during the trek and those willing to pay an extra little for the high altitude drop off by a vehicle.

The Lemosho route can be tackled in as little as six days however 7 to 8 days is ideal for this route for better acclimatization.



From – To



Hiking time


1 Londrossi gate – Forest Camp 6km 2250-2780m 3-4hrs Rainforest
2 Big tree camp – Shira 2 camp 18km 2780-3900m 8-10hrs Moorland
3 Shira 2 – Baraanco Camp 10km 3900-3960m 6-8hrs Semi desert
4 Barranco camp – Karanga camp 5km 3960m – 4035m 4-5hrs Alpine desert
5 Karanga camp – Barafu camp 4km 4035m – 4640m 3-4hrs Alpine desert
6 Barafu camp – Uhuru peak – Mweka camp 5 Km Ascent12 Km descent 4640m – 5895m5895m -3080m 6-8 hrs4-6hrs ArcticSemi desertMoorland
7 Mweka camp – Mweka gate 10Km 3080m – 1630m 3-4hrs Rainforest