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Mega Adventures is a tour company located in the heart of Kilimanjaro. A Family business owned by indigenous Tanzanians, its team of expert staff maintains its professionalism with over 10 years of experience in the Tanzanian tourism industry.

We also working and represented by SAFARI BOOKINGS,  and TRAVEL STRIDE to reach you world wide.We  will provide you with unique African safari and tours to our beautiful Tanzania National Parks, Kilimanjaro Mountain and Zanzibar



Mohammed Atik

is the company’s Managing Director and head logistics coordinator. His strength lies in his organizational skills, experience as a tour operator in safari scene and his community involvement.

He has for years worked in collaboration with other tour operators and has a thorough knowledge of a Tanzanian tour companies operations. Mohammed also maintains a strong presence in all company operations (from the office to field), ensuring unsurpassed quality and service is provided in order to secure complete customer satisfaction. Thus all clients are assured that under his leadership, an African experience of lifetime is guaranteed.

Mubarak Atik

is a company director and safari specialist. He is a graduate of the Mweka College of wildlife. His strengths lie in his vast skills on flora and fauna attained from the college.

Not only does he have the knowledge of the wild, but he also has great experience and the combination of his skills make him the perfect field operator for any safari destination in Tanzania.


All Mega Adventure driver guides are employed and trained by our company. Unlike other operators, this allows total control of one of the most important elements in your safari adventure. Training is in subject, ranging from tribal culture to conservation and yearly refresher courses, constant assessment and grading guarantees the highest standards. As sole employer we know our driver guides and can match their talents to your needs. Among them we have the largest cadre of genuine informed/learned guides in Tanzania with specialization in flora & fauna knowledge.

Mubarak Atik

Ally Martin

Emmanuel Kimario


Our bush chefs work wonders in tough conditions. Whether in the dusty plains of the Serengeti or any other camping experience in Tanzania, these extremely diligent artists work wonders to provide you with fresh and tasty meals for days on end. Possible the least seen and yet the hardest working these fine men cook up a storm – often in a storm!