4 good reasons to choose a private safari

You are excited about your safari in Tanzania. You were sold from the moment you heard about the variety of options you have for your experience and just want to fully bask in what the exceptional country has to offer. But hold on, how do you want to go about it? What would bring you the best experience with little risk, plenty of flexibility, and a customized journey through the Tanzanian terrain? We can easily make that decision for you, too! Here are four great reasons why you should opt for a private safari in Tanzania.

Your Very Own Customizable Tour

A private Safari guarantees you freedom in your schedule. Mega Adventures specializes in assuring that from the moment you start planning, you are well-advised, well-managed and well-acquainted with the options available. We get that setting, specific dates don’t always work for everybody, and we are extremely flexible about it. With Mega Adventures, you are free to pick your preferred date and we will fix the rest with customizability awareness. Our itineraries are there to help guide your way in choosing the best activities and parks to visit, but you can opt to add or drop an activity or destination at any point. It’s all about how we can bring your finest wishes into a reality.  If you wish to add a night Game drive or a walking safari experience, a sundowner experience, a balloon safari to experience the wilderness from a bird’s eye view, or even spend an extra day in a remarkably captivating scenery, you can make those decisions and it can be done, no hassle! A private safari with Mega Adventures, guarantees you coverage when it comes to exceptional, customizable private safari tours.

Exclusive Guides and Vehicles

The flexibility of having your guide and vehicle during a safari shows itself when you want to spend more time following a particular animal in its natural, undisturbed habitat, or when you want to lazy around a bit as you wait for the sun to engulf the horizon with its violet and fire colors, or experience a venture into a sunrise game drive to catch the colors of a waking game reserve with freshly made coffee and an endless horizon. Our guides at Mega Adventures can tailor the experience to accommodate your major interest and passion.

Local Knowledge

Speaking of our safari guides, what’s a safari without a Mega Adventures safari guide with all the local knowledge you need to further resonate with the safari experience? With tons of exciting stories that give context and character to your experience in the Tanzanian savannah lands, you are sure to never get bored or lost in the translation of your safari journey. With our friendly guides, you are not only assured of safety and freedom to move around but also feel like part of the community you are visiting when you pass local villages and live through their eyes.

Celebrate special moments

Romantic getaway? Candle-lit dinners? Anniversary? Birthday? All these beautiful events can be incorporated into your private safari and made a thousand times more special for your loved ones. We love a good surprise, singing a special song, or preparing the most romantic evening in the middle of the wilderness. And what better way to do it, than with our customizable private safari bookings. Are you excited yet? We know you are! We look forward to making your dream of the perfect private safari a reality.

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