Tanzanias southern circuit? Umm yes!

At this point, you have realized that you have over 20 national parks to choose from in Tanzania, it can get a little overwhelming deciding what circuit you should do. We get it and want to make it easier for you. So, here are several reasons why you should opt for the Southern Circuit.


The Southern Circuit is a less populated ecosystem, with parts of it hardly visited by people, making the wilderness that much more exotic and untamed. The circuit also accommodates very private, diverse game drives and safari experience, with vast lands of beautiful residents and scenery for days!


From hiking across the Selous terrain to boat riding in the Rufiji River, the Southern Circuit is the ideal Safari playground with plenty of activities and ways to experience the National parks. You are sure to not get bored, given all the options available to you during the circuit, all well-planned and highly rewarding for all types of people.

Largest Safari Parks in the Continent

Needless to say, Tanzania harbors some of the largest game reserves and national parks in the continent and is home to the Big Five. If you want to be mesmerized by the vastness of ecosystems over the Tanzanian terrains, topped up with a range and diversity of teeming wildlife, the Southern Circuit is the best choice for you.

Affordable Safari Packages

With what the Southern Circuit has to offer, you would be surprised as to just how affordable the experience is! With the Northern Circuit gaining more interest from its fame across the globe, most people miss out on the authenticity of the Southern Circuit, not realizing what they are missing out at a much more affordable price! The best things are truly hidden well in life, and the Southern Circuit is one of them.

Want to have a Combo Southern & Northern Circuit Safari? No problem! Get in touch with us today.

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