Terms & Conditions

    • Renters must present a copy of a passport and valid driving license before the vehicle is released.
    • Renters will be required to sign a car hire contract and a liability waiver before the vehicle is released.
    • There are shall be no refunds for vehicles returned earlier than the agreed return date, set at the time of contract signing.
    • Shilashi Self Drive Car Hire and Safaris reserves the right to inspect the vehicle during the hire term and in cases where misuses are evident, can withdraw the contract at any time
    • “An initial deposit of $200 (Two hundred Dollars only) is to be made at time of rental for any potential damage to the car while for monthly subscribers the initial deposit will be $300. On your return, if the car is not damaged the deposit will be returned to you”. For more detail refer the contract/ agreement under section 12.2


    • No person other than the renter or his agent, whose copy of the identity card has been submitted to the Owner, should drive the vehicle.
    • Renters agree not to drive the vehicle when under the influence of drugs or alcohol and to comply with laws and regulations regarding the use of motor vehicles
    • The renter is responsible for all passengers in the vehicle. The renter shall remain solely responsible for any loss, damage, or compensation that may occur to any person or property.
    • The renter may privately arrange personal insurance and evacuation to a medical facility via AMREF Flying Doctors which offers Medical Emergency via: +254 709 962 811, +254 730 811 811, +254 699 2222 & +255 789 133 133.
      Also general lines listed below
      +254 730 811 000, +254 020 699 2000 & +254 0709 962
    • Monthly/daily rentals are for all within the cities of Mainland Tanzania. Renters wishing to take a vehicle outside Cities and 50 km away must receive approval for this travel and Extra charges shall be made. If the renter is not done so and at the same time being tracked, he/she will pay twice as much and contract shall be terminated.

It is also agreed that the vehicle shall be returned with the same quantity of fuel as taken from Shilashi Self Drive Car Hire and Safaris office and remember no any refunds apply for fuel excess.

  • Since our roads are full of dust especially when you are off tarmac roads it is advised to use air condition (AC) to maintain cleanliness inside the car.
  • Where applicable, Only USD notes with denomination above 50 are acceptable and only notes printed during or after 2010 shall be accepted.
  • Vehicles must not be taken across international borders without Shilashi Management knowledge as it requires the renter to get Original Card of Registration from us. Otherwise you will not be allowed to cross any International boarder without it!

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