Completes your Zanzibar holiday with amazing landscapes

A beach front resort located in beautiful Jambiani village, Uzuri allows you to set up base and create your own Zanzibar adventure. During the day, hotel staff will point you to beautiful beaches and nearby attractions. In the evening, indulge your senses with a romantic dinner or a relaxing massage directly on the beach.

Uzuri completes your Zanzibar holiday with amazing landscapes, authentic and refined interiors, and food prepared and available from the moment you arrive until the moment of your departure. Although you might be miles from home, we want to welcome you to the Uzuri Boutique Hotel family.

Uzuri Boutique Hotel offers the option of hiring the entire hotel or booking a suite.

Room Single Room Double Room Triple Room
Price pr. room $100 $200 $300


✔️ Half board (breakfast and dinner, juices, coffee and tea
✔️ Free Wi-Fi


✖️ Transfer from the airport and back (only $120)
✖️ Alcoholic beverages
✖️ Additional services (massage and others)

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