Why choose tanzania as your safari destination

Deciding where to go on safari can be an exciting and fun process, but with the ever-increasing options, locations, and activities available for you, it can quickly turn into quite a stressful experience. The stereotypical approach to safaris being specifically catered to research and exploration purposes no longer stands today, as safaris also cater to travelers, vacationers, and getaways from our daily norms. Because of this, safaris have also had to expand in services and experiences provided to assure ultimate satisfaction.

The biggest question, therefore, is where are you guaranteed to receive the best experience and services for a safari? Where will you be spoilt for choice when it comes to destinations, activities, sceneries, and flexibility?

We are here to answer this pressing question for you!

Whether you are excited about private safaris with packed lunches through some of the most untamed game reserves, or soaring across the savannah scenery in a hot air balloon as you catch the sunrise, or catching the sunrise from the top of the world’s highest stand-alone mountain in the world, or lazing about on the coastal Indian Ocean beaches, your thirst for an unforgettable experience will be quenched if your choice for your safari destination is Tanzania. Here are several reasons why choosing Tanzania as your safari destination is the best choice you will ever make.

Top-rated National Parks

With over 20 national parks covering almost 15% of its beautiful terrains, Tanzania has checked all the boxes when it comes to variety in parks to visit. With all-year-round activities in all the parks, you are not lost for options on where to go, what game drive to do, and what activities to participate in during your venture into the wilderness. From the famous migration across the Serengeti to the famous chimpanzee community in the Gombe National Park to the untamed terrains of the Selous Game reserve and the more reserved greenery in the Mahale Mountains, you are not left spoilt for choice when it comes to adventure.

Variety in Wildlife

From the Big Five to endangered species only found in Tanzania, we are rich in wildlife. From exotic birds to primate species, from wild cats and dogs to marine life, Tanzania is home to some of the most beautiful, majestic, and rare animals in the world, all cohabitating in several of our national parks, forests, and coast.

Authentic African Wilderness

We can assure you that Tanzania is no zoo. The wilderness is untamed and highly monitored to keep it that way. The parks are open plains where animals live freely in their habitat and are strictly protected by the Tanzania National Parks Authority (TANAPA). Other organizations linked to the protection of the wildlife in Tanzania include The Tanzania Wildlife Management Authority (TAWA) and Ngorongoro Conservation Authority, to mention a few. Tanzania takes pride in its wildlife and treasures it fiercely.

Authentic Indigenous Communities

Living right next to some of our historical landmarks, game reserves, and islands, are communities of vibrant residents who play a big part in protecting and caring for the ecosystems around our parks, coasts, and resource-rich land. Mingle with the Maasai living on the borders of the Ngorongoro crater, or the villagers living close to the Manyara Lake; be entertained by the spice farmers and their colorful tours? in Zanzibar or the caretakers of the chimps in the Gombe Reserve. The people live alongside the wildlife with great respect for their space and what they have to offer as well, whilst maintain historical traditions and rituals that have been in their tribes over centuries.

Wide range of budget, mid-range, and luxury safari options

With so much to offer, we can assure you that we can adhere to your preferences and budget. Tanzania hosts all ranges of activities regardless of your budget. Our safaris accommodate private drives, hot air balloon rides, fly-overs, camping, boat safaris, and beaches with the exact care and flavor we can offer joint trips, affordable camping, and stayovers.

Hiking extensions

Tanzania is not only glorified by its national parks but its hiking treks too. Check hiking the highest free-standing mountain in the world, Mount Kilimanjaro, or her sister Mount Meru of your bucket list; she might not be as tall but is harder to successfully reach her peak. The Ngorongoro Highlands include Empaakai and Ol Doinyo Lengai treks as well, who can also be highly challenging and not for the light-hearted, with the Ol Doinyo Lengai counting as one of the hardest climbs with its viciously steep terrain.

Best beach holiday extensions

Did we mention the coastal beaches and islands where Tanzania meets the waves of the Indian Ocean? These white sands and aqua waters are the best way to end any safari. Decide to relax on the beaches of the Zanzibar shores, or scuba dive and swim with dolphins, or visit historical sites such as Stone Town; you can be sure there are still plenty of activities or places of relaxation to extend to after a safari.

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