Katavi National Park is the third-largest national park compared to other Tanzanian national parks. It is by far one of the parks that receive fewer visitors, making it a genuinely untouched and undisturbed wildlife paradise. Katavi National Park calls the western Tanzania circuit home, and it is considerably challenging to reach by road, so the convenient way is through charter flights.

Katavi National Park is mainly fed by the Katuma River, transforming the park into a beautiful wetland in the rainy season in April and May. Lake Katavi and Chada are both recurrent lakes located within the park borders. The park has various combinations of riverine forests, bushland, Miombo forests, and grasslands in terms of its vegetation.


Katavi National Park is commonly hot, and it stays that way throughout the year since the park is located near the equator crossing. At night it is pretty different from other parks since its typically warmer (approximately 20°C or 68°F). During the day, the Temperatures are about 32°C or 90°F. Its broad difference in altitude (816 m to 1634 m or 2,677 ft to 5,361 ft) is responsible for the temperature variations. Fortunately, the areas commonly accessed by tourists are mainly on low altitudes.

Best time to visit:

Visitors who come to Katavi National Park during the dry season from June to October will have the best time to see wild animals. The Katuma River is the only water source during the dry season and is the main lifeline for creatures both large and small when they congregate along the river to drink and bath.

It is one of the few parks you can catch a sight of the sable and roan antelope in the same place. Other wild animals grazing here are hartebeest, eland, zebra, giraffe. Katavi national park also boasts massive herds of buffalo, some reaching a thousand or more. A healthy elephant population of around 3,000 also lives in the park. Predators such as jackals, cheetahs, hyenas, and servals are present. A pride of lions is constantly moving around hunting for their next meal.

Over 400 diverse species of birds, Katavi is an incredible place for bird lovers. Large groups of storks like open-billed, saddle bills, spoonbills, fish eagles, crested barbets, Bateleurs, lilac-breasted rollers, and paradise flycatchers are but a few on the list of various birds’ species in Katavi national park.


Getting to Katavi for visitors can be arranged through one of the available charter flight services, but also Katavi National Park can be accessed via ground transportation: estimates vary widely; it is generally discussed not in hours but in days.


Campsites, Lodges, and tented camps of various budgets are available.


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  • Night Game drives
  • Walking Safari
  • Bird watching

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