Mahale Mountains National Park is named after a picturesque range of mountains in Mahale, which are within its borders; the park is located on the eastern shore of Lake Tanganyika in Kigoma Region, Tanzania.

The Mahale National Park has several distinctive characteristics. As one of the few protected areas for chimpanzees in the country, the park is conveniently situated near Gombe Stream National Park, made famous by Jane Goodall.

Mahale Mountains National Park boasts a sizable undisturbed natural habitat. Its remoteness harbors the largest population of eastern chimpanzees; the chimpanzees flourish peacefully within the thick forests. One can also experience the co-existence of two incredible wild species, chimpanzees and lions.

Visitors can only access and experience wild adventures at Mahale National Park on foot. There are no roads or other infrastructure within the park boundaries, and the only way in and out of the park is via boat on the lake. Such terrains at the national park have given the locals (the Batongwe and Holoholo people) a highly attuned attitude to the natural habitat, living gracefully around the park with virtually no impact on the ecology.


Mahale is located close to the equator, which makes the climate to range from warm to hot and humid. Throughout the year climate doesn’t change. Average temperatures are about 27°C/81°F during the day and cool down to about 17°C/63°F in the Evenings. Mahale’s Dry season is from May to October. The Wet season is from November to April. The rains come in the form of afternoon thunderstorms and seldom last the whole day. The heat at the park can be oppressive due to the high humidity.

Best time to visit:

The best accessible and easy-going time is during the dry season (that lasts from May to October). This time of the year the Mahale chimpanzees are likely to be seen in big groups, and the sunshine illuminates the entire forest and Lake makes a perfect relaxing moment at the park. But Mahale the Park is also accessible all year round. During the rainy season, the visit can be a memorable experience, made remarkable by views of the neighbouring country DR Congo across the water and by far-fetched lightning storms that light up the lake at night.


The Mahale Mountains National Park is accessible all year round by air, road, and boat. There are flights, cars, and boat options to suit most travellers.


Campsites, Lodges, and tented camps of various budgets are available.


  • Chimp trekking
  • Camping safaris
  • Snorkeling
  • Sports fishing
  • Kayaking

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